Current Projects:

Organic Flow Batteries: Electrochemical processes for energy technology

Laser & Ion-Beams: Synthesis and properties of novel semiconductors and semiconductor nanostructures using energetic beams

Ion Bombardment: Nanoscale morphology evolution under ion irradiation

Completed Projects:

We are no longer actively pursuing research in these areas but you can still follow the links to learn about what we have learned and access relevant publications.

  • Mitigating global climate change
  • Nanoporous materials
  • Materials for imaging extrasolar planets : are the "little green men" really green?
  • Self-organization and kinetics of formation, thermal stability, and decay of nano-scale structures in wafer-compatible processes
  • Kinetics of nucleation and growth of solids from liquids, amorphous phases, and vapors or vapor-like phases far from equilibrium
  • Growth of thin films using Pulsed Laser Ablation Induced Deposition
  • Melting and rapid solidification of semiconductors and metals induced by nanosecond laser pulses
  • Self and dopant diffusion in silicon and other semiconductors
  • Nanopore fabrication, morphological evolution and stability for molecular detectors and ultra-rapid DNA sequencing
  • Stress vs. Chemistry in the growth of nanostructures
  • Using hydrostatic pressure and nonhydrostatic stress to determine atomistic mechanisms of kinetic processes such as atomic diffusion and crystal growth
  • Growth and diffusion in stressed solids
  • Viscous flow and diffusion in covalently bound amorphous materials
  • Properties of nonequilibrium materials formed by rapid solidification