We are a team of researchers with expertise in electrochemistry, (electro)chemical engineering, and materials science focused on solving problems to unleash renewable energy and avert climate catastrophe. We are specifically involved in innovation and development of aqueous organic redox flow batteries as well as exploration of new methods of removing carbon dioxide from the environment.

We investigate fundamental questions of applied energy science related to electrochemical reactions and physical processes in flow reactors, and we also use engineering skills to design and optimize complex electrochemical systems. This group brings together curious individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We value collaboration and creativity, and we strive to maintain an inclusive and welcoming team that tackles tough technical challenges together.

A picture of the Aziz Group
Summer 2021 Group Members (from bottom left): Prof. Michael Aziz, Andrew Bergman, Kiana Amini, Jordan Sosa, (middle row) Anton Graf, Cliff Wang, Martin (Shijian) Jin, Meisam Bahari, Toly Rinberg, (top row) Tommy George, John Deneen, Thomas Cochard, Eric Fell

Latest News

New Website

July 14, 2021
The Aziz lab website gets an update! More coming soon...